The Best Astrology Calendars for 2021

I think it's been pretty well established that I love astrology. It should come as no surprise that I've tried pretty much all of the astrology calendars available on the market and while the mass produced options from big names like Llewellyn were a great starting point, they ultimately didn't offer what I was looking for.

What I truly love are those calendars that are created by asto-geeks like me who *really* love astrology because you can tell they get it when you interact with their creations. 

Most Used (by me)

  • Honeycomb Collective - For reals I use this daily. Every. Single. Day. I've bought the digital pdf and then had to have the spiral bound with all of the extra note taking pages. I love it so much and hope they never ever ever ever stop making them. I'm buying a wall calendar next because I neeeeeeed it (probably as soon as I finish this post tbh). They are customized to your chart and have so many nerd options (I get all the options). I really can't...
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The Best Astrology Apps for 2021

One of my favorite things about my phone is the easy access I have to incredibly powerful astrological software via the astrology apps that are now available. 

The best astrology apps are those that you want to go back to day after day.

Most Used (by me)

  • Hours - Calculates planetary hours according to traditional astrological rules based on your geographical location. I LOVE this app. I use it anytime I need to do something magical and when I'm planning when to send emails, schedule important meetings, and sometimes just because. 
  • Ingresses - Tells you when a planet will enter a new sign, hit a custom degree, or change direction. You wouldn't think something like that would be so useful but it IS.
    • Apple - $2.99
    • Android - Unavailable
  • Digital Astrology Calendar - To be fair, this is my creation and it's technically a calendar but everyone calls it an app. It's crazy useful and works on any digital calendar and shows you the...
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