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[Fate & Free Will ] Astrology for the Week of August 28 - September 3

astrology Aug 28, 2023
[Fate & Free Will ] Astrology for the Week of August 28 - September 3

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Monday 8/28: 

  • ☽ at 26° 51‘ Capricorn ✳ ♆ at 26° 51‘ Pisces | 5:29 AM
  • ☽ ☌ ♇ at 28° 18‘ Capricorn | 7:48 AM
  • ☽ β–» Aquarius | 10:31 AM
  • ☽ at 00° 42‘ Aquarius β–³ β™‚οΈŽ at 00° 42‘ Libra | 11:39 AM
  • Uranus β–» β„ž | 10:38 PM

Monday is a little extra Mondayish with a side of chaos because tonight Uranus will be stationing retrograde, but more on that in a minute.

In general, today blends practicality with intuition, urging you to trust your instincts while verifying facts. Emotions may run high, but discipline will keep you on track. Embrace innovative thinking, but stay grounded and try to value collaboration. 

Back to Uranus. When Uranus stations retrograde, it's like the universe flips a giant cosmic mayhem switch. Known for its sudden shifts and unexpected transformations, Uranus can create waves of external chaos, particularly in the days surrounding its station. During this transition, the energy is intensified, which can lead to heightened unpredictability and disruptions.

Fortunately, after a couple of days it’s mostly background noise. After the initial disruptions, there's a chance to integrate these changes and reflect on them. Ultimately, while this phase can be chaotic, it offers deep insights and transformative growth.

Tuesday 8/29:

  • ☽ at 12° 49‘ Aquarius ☍ β™€οΈŽ at 12° 49‘ Leo | 6:56 AM
  • ☽ at 15° 31‘ Aquarius β–‘ ♃ at 15° 31‘ Taurus | 11:11 AM
  • ☽ at 23° 04‘ Aquarius β–‘ β™… at 23° 04‘ Taurus | 11:04 PM

Tuesday you may have to find a way to balance your personal desires with your responsibilities. It’s possible to both value stability and embrace new opportunities, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Adaptability will be key, especially when faced with unexpected shifts, so try to stay grounded while also being open to any plot twists.

Wednesday 8/30:

  • ☽ β–» Pisces | 9:56 AM
  • ☽ ☌ β™„ at 03° 34‘ Pisces | 3:32 PM
  • Pisces πŸŒ• Full Moon | 9:35 PM
    • ☽ at 07° 25‘ Pisces ☍ β˜‰ at 07° 25‘ Virgo 

Wednesday, the energy will be building steadily towards the Full Moon in Pisces which is exact at 935 pm eastern.

The Pisces Full Moon offers a powerful moment of emotional depth and practical understanding. It illuminates feelings and increases sensitivity, encouraging introspection and emotional release. 

However, Saturn's influence adds a sobering effect, prompting a realistic look at responsibilities and commitments. This may lead to feelings of restriction, but it also presents a chance for growth.

During this time, you could confront feelings of isolation, but this can lead to greater self-reliance. You'll also become aware of areas where you need more discipline, which is a call for emotional maturity and the setting of healthier boundaries. It's an opportunity to identify and let go of emotional patterns that don't serve you.

Remember, this Full Moon can illuminate any tension between your goals and emotional needs, nudging you to realign your priorities and establish more sustainable balance in your life.

  • Aries Rising: This transit emphasizes solitude, rest, and spiritual introspection. You might find yourself desiring alone time to recharge. Are there areas of your inner life that need more attention or understanding?
  • Taurus Rising: Friendships and your broader community become the main focus. You could be encouraged to reassess your social circle. Are there connections you need to nurture more, or perhaps some that need to be reevaluated?
  • Gemini Rising: Your career and public image are in focus. You might be prompted to reconsider your professional goals. Are there changes you need to make to ensure your career aligns with your values and aspirations?
  • Cancer Rising: This transit urges you to expand your horizons, possibly through education or travel. You might find yourself questioning your current life path. Are there new paths or experiences you should explore?
  • Leo Rising:  It's a time to reassess financial dependencies, debts, and joint assets.  Consider your psychological well-being, confronting any deep-seated fears or unresolved issues. Ensure that you're making decisions that align with your long-term security and growth.
  • Virgo Rising: Relationships come to the forefront during this period. You might find yourself reassessing your connections with others. Are there relationships that need more attention or perhaps need to be let go?
  • Libra Rising: Your everyday routines and health become the main focus. You could be encouraged to reassess your work-life balance and daily habits. Are there changes you need to make to ensure your wellbeing?
  • Scorpio Rising: This transit touches on your creativity, leisure, and love life. You might find yourself questioning what truly brings you joy. How can you make more room for enjoyment and self-expression in your life?
  • Sagittarius Rising: Your home life and emotional foundations are spotlighted. You could feel a strong pull towards introspection and addressing familial matters. Are there areas of your home life that need more attention?
  • Capricorn Rising: Communication and your immediate environment come into focus. You might find yourself rethinking your usual interactions and connections. Are there new ways you could express your thoughts and ideas more effectively?
  • Aquarius Rising: Reflect on your financial habits and self-worth. It's an opportune time to evaluate your income sources, spending patterns, and how they align with your values. This period also prompts introspection on self-worth, urging you to recognize and nurture your inherent value beyond material assets.
  • Pisces Rising: Examine yourself and your identity. How are you showing up in the world? Are there personal habits you need to change? It's an opportunity for personal growth, but don't shy away from any self-criticism that might emerge.

Thursday 8/31:

  • ☽ at 15° 33‘ Pisces ✳ ♃ at 15° 33‘ Taurus | 10:24 AM
  • ☽ at 18° 45‘ Pisces ☍ ☿ at 18° 45‘ Virgo | 3:28 PM
  • ☽ at 23° 04‘ Pisces ✳ β™… at 23° 04‘ Taurus | 10:19 PM

Thursday is a great time to explore new opportunities and broaden your horizons. Just be sure your enthusiasm is grounded in reality and you're not overlooking essential details.

As the day progresses, you might need to clarify misunderstandings, deal with other Mercury retrograde shenanigans, or make a special effort to ensure that you're being understood correctly. 

Friday 9/1:

  • ☽ ☌ ♆ at 26° 45‘ Pisces | 4:13 AM 
  • ☽ at 28° 14‘ Pisces ✳ ♇ at 28° 14‘ Capricorn | 6:35 AM
  • ☽ β–» Aries | 9:24 AM
  • ☽ at 03° 21‘ Aries ☍ β™‚οΈŽ at 03° 21‘ Libra | 2:49 PM

Friday trust your intuition but ensure you're not being misled by fleeting emotions or external influences. As the day progresses and motivation rises, remember to act confidently but handle potential conflicts with diplomacy and understanding.

Saturday 9/2:

  • ☽ at 12° 15‘ Aries β–³ β™€οΈŽ at 12° 15‘ Leo | 5:19 AM

Saturday is a passionate day. Now, how you want to use that passion is entirely up to you. Get into an argument, create beautiful works of art, finalize your branding, or express your devotion to your beloved. 

Sunday 9/3: 

  • πŸŒ– Waning Gibbous Moon | 3:27 AM
    • ☽ at 25° 33‘ Aries β˜‰ at 10° 33‘ Virgo  
  • ☽ at 28° 12‘ Aries β–‘ ♇ at 28° 12‘ Capricorn | 7:56 AM 
  • ☽ β–» Taurus | 10:59 AM
  • ☽ at 03° 16‘ Taurus ✳ β™„ at 03° 16‘ Pisces | 4:35 PM
  • β™€οΈŽ β–» Direct | 9:20 PM

All in all, Sunday is a very Venusian day. The Moon moves into Taurus by 11 am eastern and Venus stations direct at 9:20 pm eastern, maximizing all of the Venus retrograde vibes for one last day.

As Venus stations direct in Leo, there's a renewed emphasis on expressing personal desires, refining individual presentation, and strengthening interpersonal bonds. This period beckons a harmonious blend of Venus's magnetizing essence with Leo's extroverted and individualistic nature. It's a time to reassert one's identity, engage in activities that resonate with the core self, and foster relationships that align with your authentic self and values.

You get all of the forward fiery power of Venus in Leo unencumbered by rethinking and renovating your life and mind until she leaves the Leo stage on October 8. 

By rising sign, this is how you can maximize the energy:

  • Aries Rising: Your creative juices flow abundantly. Engage in artistic projects, explore romantic opportunities, or spend quality time with children. If you've been considering a new venture, now's the time to initiate.
  • Taurus Rising: Harmony within the family and home environment becomes a priority. Reconnect with family members, beautify your living space, or host intimate gatherings. This period is also favorable for real estate matters.
  • Gemini Rising: Your communication style becomes more persuasive and charming. It's an excellent time to launch marketing campaigns, write, or engage in negotiations. Consider starting a podcast, Substack, or email newsletter to share your expertise.
  • Cancer Rising: There's a renewed focus on financial matters. Reassess your resources, and consider innovative ways to increase your income. This period may also bring clarity about what you truly value, guiding your financial decisions.
  • Leo Rising: This transit amplifies your personal charisma and confidence. It's an opportune time to present yourself in new ways, whether updating your appearance or refining your personal brand. Leverage this energy by taking the lead in projects and showcasing your unique talents.
  • Virgo Rising: Take time for introspection. While the external world may seem quieter, there's a lot happening internally. Address any self-sabotaging behaviors and seek therapeutic or spiritual practices for healing.
  • Libra Rising: Social engagements increase. Network, collaborate, and engage with groups that align with your values. It's an opportune time to set long-term goals and seek support from influential friends.
  • Scorpio Rising: Your professional life shines. There's potential for recognition or new opportunities. Take the lead in projects and showcase your expertise. Ensure your public image aligns with your authentic self.
  • Sagittarius Rising: Your desire for knowledge intensifies. Consider enrolling in courses or workshops. Travel, especially to distant places, can be beneficial. Share your expertise through teaching or writing.
  • Capricorn Rising: Reassess joint finances, investments, or any shared resources. It's a good time to settle debts or discuss financial plans with a partner. Dive into research or studies related to psychology or the deeper aspects of life.
  • Aquarius Rising: Relationships, both personal and professional, come into focus. Strengthen existing bonds, or consider entering new partnerships. It's a favorable period for negotiations and collaborations.
  • Pisces Rising: Work routines become more enjoyable, and there's a potential for recognition at the workplace. Focus on tasks that require creativity. Health-wise, consider incorporating enjoyable physical activities into your routine.

Until next time, my wish for you is an unwavering certainty that what makes you different also makes you irreplaceable. 

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