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The Digital Astrology Calendar will transform your daily calendar into your favorite astrology resource.

Digital Astrology Calendar

"I can't believe how much you get with this calendar!! It took me less than a minute to set up and there's SO MUCH information here. I've paid 5x more for other astrology apps/subscriptions that provided way less information and then wasted a ton of time trying to figure out how to use them... when all along what I needed was THIS!! The Digital Astrology Calendar makes it so easy to connect with the cosmos and plan important events around the astrology of the day. Buy this calendar, it's a no-brainer!" — Elizabeth, customer

I need this NOW!

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When you join the Wicked Veracity mailing list you will gain access to the FREE Ready to Retrograde calendar and get regular updates from an astrologer, life coach, stoic witch, and time ninja. Pretty sweet, right?

What's Included?

8 Phases of the Moon

The Eight Phases of the Moon

Take your lunar planning to the next level by paying attention to the eight distinct phases of the Moon.

Learn more about working with the moon here.

Void Moon

Void of Course Moon

When the Moon has made the last traditional aspect to another planet during its visit to a sign, it becomes void of course (VoC) until it enters the next sign.

This is an important facet of learning to live with the Moon.

Lunar Signs

Lunar Ingresses

Knowing what phase the Moon is in is the first step.

But over time you will also begin to notice that certain signs have a big impact on how you experience a day.

A quick glance at your calendar can tell you what sign the Moon is in to make tracking your journey even easier.

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Planetary Ingresses

The way a planet expresses itself changes when it changes signs.

Get a notification when the planets waltz into a new sign so you can track how the energy feels in your daily life.

Planetary Aspects

Planetary Aspects

Want to know when a planet is making an aspect in real time?

Check the event description to see the sign and degree of the planets involved.

Journal Prompts


See at a glance which lunation will be an eclipse and check to see where it will fall in your chart with the provided degrees.

Where has this been all of my life?

Hi, I'm Robin. I created digital astrology calendars because I wanted to add the New Moon and Full Moon to my Google Calendar and I couldn't find one (free or paid!) so... I decided to make it myself.

Once I got started I thought I might as well add all of the phases. Then I got greedy and wanted to know when the planetary aspects were happening and I added those too. 

I showed a few friends and they wanted access and a lightbulb went off and now I'm able to offer The Digital Astrology Calendar to other children of the Moon, astrologers, and magicians who want easy access to the astrological vibe of the day while they're busy planning their lives.

Ready to see The Digital Astrology Calendar in action?

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I need this NOW!


Operations Director, Lumen Digital Marketing

Not gonna lie – I didn’t really think this calendar was gonna be a game changer when I decided to try it out but BOY was I wrong. I have a few astrology apps on my phone already so it didnt seem like it would be providing anything different.

Having the Wicked Veracity calendar side by side with my work and life Google calendar has made it so much easier to plan in alignment with the cosmic curriculum so that I’m not working against myself. When a coworker asks ‘when are you available for a meeting?’ I see the astrology right in front of me so that I can find the perfect time (and they dont even need to know that’s how I’m planning their time to meet )!


8 Phases of the Moon

Will this work in my time zone?

When you install your Digital Astrology Calendar it will automatically convert events to the time zone of your digital calendar. 

Void Moon

But will it really work with my calendar?


The Digital Astrology Calendar works with all major digital calendars.

Apple? Android? Google Cal? iCal? Yahoo Calendar? 



Lunar Signs

What if I have trouble getting it to work? 

I provide wicked customer service! This calendar was created to make working with astrology as easy and accessible as possible so people will use it every day. 

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That's a LOT of information, won't it overtake my calendar?


It is a lot of information but I tell you exactly how to install it so you can turn it off and on as needed. 

I turn mine off and on multiple times a day - it's super easy, I promise!

Planetary Aspects

Ok, but what if I hate it - can I get a refund?

The thing is, this is a digital product. Once I give it to you there's no way to unring that bell - so, I don't offer refunds.

However, you can see exactly what the calendar looks like with the live demo up above.

Journal Prompts

Do I get the WHOLE year or just a month or two?

You can the entire year with your purchase. Easily see what's going on before you plan meetings, dates, or big events.

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2022 Digital Astrology Calendar


Instant Access To:

  • The eight phases of the Moon with the sign and degree of the Sun & Moon
  • The times when the Moon is Void of Course (VC) with closing aspect
  • When the Moon moves to a new sign (Lunar Ingresses).
  • Eclipses
  • Planetary Ingresses & Aspects with degrees
  • Retrograde & Direct Stations with Degree⠀⠀
  • Access to a private Facebook community⠀⠀⠀⠀

Plus all of 2021 for FREE

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