You’re smart, successful…

and different.

You’ve always known this to be true about yourself.

Whether you’re neurodivergent, an empath, a witch, or someone who just seems to operate differently from other people, you work your ass off and do amazing things, but it often comes at a hidden cost. You do things that other people can’t, and to you they’re fun and easy (challenging too, but your brain loves to figure things out).

But then there’s the so-called “easy” stuff that the muggles can do without issue, but they’re the equivalent of climbing Everest to you (small talk, staying focused on mundane tasks, or sitting through lengthy meetings without going mental). 

That’s why you need a coach who gets it.

I understand the way your brain works. 

I’ll help you to develop accommodations, create systems, and develop routines that support you.

My brain moves as fast as yours does - you won't need to wait for me to catch up. And I also appreciate your need to be alone, focus on your special interests, watch reruns of your favorite show, or go down rabbit holes. 

In our work together, we’ll never make you the problem. You are unique and wonderful. You can see things others can’t. You have brilliant ideas to create and share. Your brain lights up in ways that other people's don't. 

Just like you, I’m unique. And so is my membership. 

You’ve always known you’re different – whether through the way you think, feel, or see the world. You excel in areas others find daunting, yet it's the 'simple' tasks that are overwhelming. That’s where The Crusade comes in. Not only will we never make you feel like a problem, but we’ll also celebrate and harness your unique traits and needs.

When you get to know your astrology, you’ll be able to know in advance what support you’ll need as we transition through, and respond to, astrological weather, as well as in each lunar phase. 

You’ll identify when you’ll be most up for humaning and when it’s a good idea to go into hermit mode. 

But beyond all of that, you’ll stop making who you are a problem. 

It’s easy to appreciate your talents, but I want you to appreciate your needs just as much. 

Why The Crusade?

Because most coaching fails to hit the mark for those who need to understand the 'why' before they act. As a former educator who has written IEPs for more than 20 years, I've tailored this membership to create personal and professional life strategies that are as unique as you are.

This way to the FAQ

Stop fighting who you are and start leveraging your incredible abilities and insights. Join The Crusade today and transform how you interact with the world—on your terms.

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  • 🦄 Embrace Your Inner Unicorn: Dive into weekly group coaching sessions designed to leverage your unique strengths and navigate the complexities of everyday life that seem insurmountable.
  • 🪐 Astrological Autonomy: Learn astrology at your own pace and discover how to predict and prepare for your personal transits and lunar phases, ensuring you're always two steps ahead.

  •  🗓️ Personalized Planning: Implement a planning method that resonates with your way of thinking, tailored to make your daily life smoother and more predictable.

  •  📱 Portable Power: Access all the tools and content of The Crusade on any device, anywhere, empowering you to stay aligned and focused even on the go.

  •  💰 Exclusive Savings: Enjoy a $150 discount on one-on-one sessions whenever you need focused, personal guidance.


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  • Monthly Astrology Reading Giveaway: A chance to win a personal reading with me each month, enhancing your insights into your unique astrological blueprint.

  • Venus Unveiled: Participate in 18 weeks of live classes examining the role of Venus, challenging and changing what you’ve been told about good and bad placements.

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