You have to be a little heretical to be willing to move beyond what you've been taught about life and what you've been trained to believe about yourself.

I use  traditional astrology to help people accept all of the glorious facets of their personality, life, and future.

I don't think inside the box and I'm exceptional at seeing how people and processes are stuck in old ways of thinking and existing and pointing it out so decisions can be made on purpose with as many facts as possible.

The tool I use during coaching sessions (and all day every day in my own life) is called the Model and I truly believe it is the key to everything.

It's what people are looking for to make sense of their lives and they don't even know it. 

It has the power to make dreams come true for those who aren't afraid of their own power and potential. 

I can teach you how to see the world and yourself in a way that inspires authenticity, personal responsibility, curiosity, and intellectual freedom. 

Are you ready?

What's the Model?
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