Fate & Free Will

Astrological Coaching

An Astrology & Coaching Consultation

to help you understand yourself, your life, and your cycles. 

with Robin Langford of Wicked Veracity

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I see you.

I know your deepest desire is to live your purpose and not conform to what you've been told is appropriate for someone else.


I know you have something important to share with the world.



I know you need more self-care and to embrace parts of yourself that you think need to be fixed.



Are you ready to impact more people just by being you?

What clients are saying:

Robin is a wealth of knowledge. She works with you to transform cosmic insights into tangible self-discoveries that you can carry forward with you the rest of your life. And it's none of this airy-fairy stuff that you don't know how to put into practice... by the end of our call together, I knew concrete & practical steps I could take that would support me in leading my best life in the upcoming months.


This is for you if you're a visionary entrepreneur who...

Has a truth bigger than yourself that you need to get out into the world
Empowers people through your work & couldn't stop even if you tried
Is secure in your business but sometimes question how much of yourself you should share with your loved ones, clients, and audience
Sometimes struggles with taking the amount of care that you really really need
Is so committed to your mission & to your growth that you sometimes have trouble stopping
Sometimes doubts your own intuition and what you know to be true for you
Finds themselves changing plans at the last minute because you didn't know the astrology of when you were planning was going to be 100% different from the astrology of when you'd be executing that plan (example: wanting to be in a cave during a launch or feeling like being on stage when you're supposed to be on a relaxing no tech retreat)

What if instead, you could feel ahead of the curve and know exactly what to expect during your most important seasons of the year?


The 45-minute Fate & Free Will coaching session is for those ready to lean into their unique gifts & way of working in the world.


Gain clarity on how you should be spending your time & get permission to drop tasks that should never have been on your plate in the first place.


When you’re able to focus your energy & your unique gifts you can shorten the time between where you are now and experiencing the success you’re destined for.


Leave this session feeling more confident that you can follow your own unique path and that you can run your life your way.


The world is waiting for you to step into your authentic self.

I'm ready!
What clients are saying:

After my consultation, I understood that my last year was HUGE (both in my chart and in my experience) and that not all my future years will be like that. Which helped me be able to relax and settle into the more day to day improvements I want to make. I also got confirmation that I am absolutely on the right paths for me building this business - according to my chart.


Fate & Free Will Coaching


Single Session

  • 45-minuteĀ astrological consultation

  • An audio recording of the consultation

  • Insight into what makes you unique and how to lean into that instead of fighting it

  • Insight into working with the most important planet for you this year

  • Insight into theĀ areas of your life and business that will be the focus of your year

  • Key times to be aware of for the upcoming year

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