The Best Astrology Calendars for 2021

astrology Dec 31, 2020

I think it's been pretty well established that I love astrology. It should come as no surprise that I've tried pretty much all of the astrology calendars available on the market and while the mass produced options from big names like Llewellyn were a great starting point, they ultimately didn't offer what I was looking for.

What I truly love are those calendars that are created by asto-geeks like me who *really* love astrology because you can tell they get it when you interact with their creations. 

Most Used (by me)

  • Honeycomb Collective - For reals I use this daily. Every. Single. Day. I've bought the digital pdf and then had to have the spiral bound with all of the extra note taking pages. I love it so much and hope they never ever ever ever stop making them. I'm buying a wall calendar next because I neeeeeeed it (probably as soon as I finish this post tbh). They are customized to your chart and have so many nerd options (I get all the options). I really can't say enough how much I completely adore the product and the people behind it. Buy it now, thank me later.
  • 2021 Planetary Alignments - Created by the dude behind The Astrology Podcast and a couple of talented artist astrologers, this is a year at a glance calendar that makes it ridiculously easy to see exactly when all the major astrological events are taking place. It's beautiful and I buy it every year.
  • 2021 Planetary Movements - Created by the same people as the product above this is for those of you who want to see how the planets will be moving. It shows the forward and retrograde motions of each planet so you can see where it will start and stop for the year. They've added a new option this year that lets you see the movement of the planets on a chart based on your rising sign. So. Cool.
  • Digital Astrology Calendar - I make a digital calendar that I also use daily and that is super cool. Yes, I use all of these products - I did say I was an astro nerd.

Bonus Calendars

While I don't buy these calendars every year anymore, I have bought them and think they are excellent.

  • Magic of I - Absolutely gorgeous - no really, it's stunning - and a great tool for those new to astrology. Mostly a modern approach to astrology but it really is one of the prettiest out there and has a lot of information.
  • Spiral Spectrum - There are several options available from this line, all of which are poster size and offer visual representations of the astrology for 2021, I especially like the lunar options.
  • Ephemeris - No link for this one but if you love astrology, it's good to pick up your preferred selection of years/time. It's what all of the others are based on ;)

Let me know if you have a favorite that I left out (mostly because if there's another awesome option I want to play with it!)



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