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Wicked Veracity Podcast Show Notes | Episode 133

astrology podcast Apr 02, 2023
Wicked Veracity Podcast Show Notes | Episode 133

My Favorite Timing Technique

Have you ever noticed that some years it feels like everything is going exactly the way you want and sometimes you’re walking uphill both ways in the snow? Or that your focus changes from year to year in pretty dramatic ways? That’s totally normal and relatively easy to see using my favorite astrological timing technique.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever planned your life without it.

Always First

It’s first thing I always look at during an astrology consultation. They are one of the easiest and most effective timing techniques I’ve ever encountered and my favorite to share with clients, friends, and random people on the internet because it’s useful even if you don’t know your birth time and even if you know nothing about astrology.

That’s right. You don’t need to know anything about the squiggles. At all. 

You just need to know your age and with that one piece of information you can learn more about what to focus on during the year and what topics and themes are most likely to come up for you.

It works so well that I’ve turned skeptics into believers in the first 10 minutes of a consultation using no other information. This technique is called Annual Profections.

Simple & Effective

Even tho the concept is powerful and simple - it also has the capacity to evolve into a complex and intricate technique that delivers even more precise information as you learn more about astrology and what all of the little squiggles mean.

Why am I telling you this? For two reasons. I’m about to outline the process for you so you can begin doing it for yourself immediately and if you want to take it to the next level, I’m also inviting you to join me in my monthly membership, the Crusade - more on that later. For now let’s get to the ohmygosh I can’t believe that works stuff.

Instruction Manual

To begin, you only need to know that astrology charts are divided into twelve houses BUT you don’t need a chart for this. I just need you to be able to count to twelve.

Ok class, take out a piece of paper and number it from one to twelve. Seriously, just like when you were in school write the number 1 on the first line then go to the next line and write the number 2. Keep doing that all the way down til you hit 12. Easy right? 

These are all of your houses. I’ll be calling them 1st, 2nd, and so on so if you want to add the st, nd, rd, and ths go ahead.

Now go back to the top of the paper and on the ‘1st’ line I want you to write the number 0. That’s because when you were born you were zero years old and in a 1st house profection. Cool, right?

Now go to the ‘2nd’ line and write the number one because on your first birthday you began your second house profection.

Alright, let’s review.

On the ‘1st house’ line you should have the number 0 and on the ‘2nd house’ line you should have the number one. Now just continue the pattern and you’ll eventually get to the 12th house line where you’ll write the number 11.

Then go back to the top and on the 1st house line - next to the 0 - write the number 12. This is because every 12 years the pattern repeats. So on the 2nd house line next to the 1 you’ll write the number 13 and so on until you get to the 12th house line again where you’ll write the number 23.

Keep doing that until you hit your current age and poof you know the most important house in your chart for the year.

Now let’s talk about the main theme for each year.

  • 1st house: Your identity
  • 2nd house: Your money
  • 3rd house: Things that are familiar
  • 4th house: Home & family
  • 5th house: Children, dating, creativity
  • 6th house: Physical health
  • 7th house: Other people
  • 8th house: Other people’s money
  • 9th house:  Things that are foreign
  • 10th house: Your public reputation
  • 11th house: Mentors & supporters
  • 12th house: Emotional health & isolation

This is wildly undersimplified because each house represents dozens of topics, people, and places. These are just the very basic themes to get you started.

That’s the entire methodology behind working with annual profections so you can start using it right away or you can join me in the Crusade where I’ll walk you through it step by step in a comprehensive workbook you’ll come back to every single year.  

You’ll learn to identify themes applicable to you for each year based on the configuration of your chart through your lived experience rather than guessing based on the squiggles. Don’t get me wrong, knowing what all of the squiggles on an astrology chart mean is incredibly useful but you don’t need it to begin using it effectively every day.

With the ancient astrological technique of annual profections  you can discover your annual theme and how it to leverage it in each area of your life through monthly profections. Don't worry, everything you need to know is already in the workbook. You don't even need your birth chart or your birth time.

Until next time, my wish for you is an eagerness to know yourself more deeply. 

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