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[Fate & Free Will ] Astrology for the Week of April 15-21

horoscope Apr 15, 2024
[Fate & Free Will ] Astrology for the Week of April 15-21

This week is nice and productive, mostly. Once we get to Friday it’s nonstop action, adventure, and fireworks. 

Monday 04/15

  • ☽ at 20° 03‘ Cancer β–‘ ☿  at 20° 03‘ Aries| 3:12 am eastern
  • ☽ at 20° 31‘ Cancer ✳ ♃  at 20° 31‘ Taurus | 4:05 am eastern
  • ☽ at 21° 31‘ Cancer ✳ β™…  at 21° 31‘ Taurus | 6:00 am eastern
  • πŸŒ“ Waxing Quarter Moon | 3:13 pm eastern
  • ☽ at 28° 26‘ Cancer β–³ ♆ at 28° 26‘ Pisces | 7:22 pm eastern
  • ☽ V/C | 7:22 pm eastern - 10:23 pm eastern
  • ☽ β–» Leo | 10:23 pm eastern  

Monday expect some intense discussions, but there’s also an opportunity for emotional growth and to dream bigger.

You may find yourself seeking deeper truths and breakthroughs, especially in how you connect emotionally with others. 

If the day feels overwhelming, take some time to process feelings and revelations that have come up at your own pace.

Tuesday 04/16

  • ☽ at 02° 02‘ Leo ☍ ♇ at 02° 02‘ Aquarius  | 2:22 am eastern

Tuesday you may face some tough conversations that prompt personal change, but also find creative collaboration especially rewarding if you engage openly and assertively.

Harness this energy to address and resolve deep-seated issues, and channel these insights into creative projects or direct, honest conversations with those close to you.

Wednesday 04/17

  • ☽ at 15° 01‘ Leo β–³ β™€οΈŽ at 15° 01‘ Aries | 4:03 am eastern
  • ☽ at 18° 30‘ Leo β–³ ☿ at 18° 30‘ Aries | 11:00 am eastern
  • ☽ at 21° 05‘ Leo β–‘ ♃ at 21° 05‘ Taurus | 4:11 pm eastern
  • ☽ at 21° 39‘ Leo β–‘ β™… at 21° 39‘ Taurus | 5:19 pm eastern

Wednesday is feisty. It’s a great day for engaging, productive dialogues to move projects and ideas forward with confidence. 

However, there is always the possibility for feisty to come across as contentious so be aware of potential friction during those conversations about your goals and plans.

Thursday 04/18

  • ☽ at 28° 56‘ Leo β–³ β˜‰ at 28° 56‘ Aries | 8:02 am eastern
  • ☽ V/C | 8:02 am - 10:10 am eastern
  • ☽ β–» Virgo | 10:10 am eastern

Thursday morning is perfect for creative activities and showing up as the best version of yourself. 

Once the Moon moves into Virgo at 10:10 am eastern, the energy simmers down a little and it may be easier to focus on detail oriented activities that require concentration.

The thing is, Mercury is still retrograde and as the ruler of Virgo, you might become a little too focused or critical. Remind yourself to focus on progress rather than perfection and that slow and steady wins the race. 

Friday 04/19

  • ☿ ☌ β™€οΈŽ at 17° 32‘ Aries | 4:59 am eastern
  • β˜‰ β–» Taurus | 9:59 am eastern
  • β™‚οΈŽ at 21° 29‘ Pisces ✳ ♃  at 21° 29‘  Taurus | 11:28 am eastern
  • πŸŒ” Waxing Gibbous Moon | 5:14 pm eastern
  • ☽ at 15° 36‘ Virgo ☍ β™„ at 15° 36‘ Pisces | 5:52 pm eastern
  • β™‚οΈŽ at 21° 46‘ Pisces ✳ β™… at 21° 46‘ Taurus  | 7:55 pm eastern

Friday is about harnessing the drive for growth with mindful reflection and strategic, sustainable steps forward.

The Mercury and Venus conjunction in Aries prompts careful reconsideration of communication and values in relationships, highlighting potential areas for recalibration, especially in how we connect on emotional and intellectual levels. 

The Sun makes his way into Taurus at 9:59 am eastern highlighting this area of life that Jupiter and Uranus have been working together to reshape for the past year. 

Almost in celebration of the Sun’s arrival, Mars in Pisces sets off fireworks, activating this fertile ground with a series of sextiles to both Jupiter and Uranus. This unleashes a burst of creative and practical energy, propelling innovative actions and solutions. 

The combination of Mars' drive with the expansive vision of Jupiter and the innovative spark of Uranus invites breakthroughs and new ventures, turning ideas into tangible outcomes. 

The story today is one of growth, creativity, and transformation in the realm of Taurus, marking a period of significant development where stability meets revolutionary change.

Now let’s talk a little bit more about the rest of the Sun’s time in Taurus.

This is a season of focusing on building and appreciating enduring values, stability, and the pursuit of pleasures that are lasting rather than fleeting. It encourages a methodical and deliberate approach to your actions, emphasizing the importance of patience and the appreciation of natural beauty and comforts (and highland cows).

While this transit creates a strong connection to the physical world and can greatly enhance sensory experiences, it may also challenge you to consider where you might be too resistant to change or too focused on materialistic comforts. Balancing Taurus's stable, grounded energy with flexibility and openness to new experiences becomes key.

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Saturday 04/20

  • ☽ at 21° 40‘ Virgo β–³ ♃ at 21° 40‘ Taurus | 6:13 am eastern
  • ☽ at 21° 47‘ Virgo β–³ β™… at 21° 47‘ Taurus | 6:27 am eastern
  • ☽ at 22° 07‘ Virgo ☍ β™‚οΈŽ at 22° 07‘ Pisces | 7:09 am eastern
  • ☽ at 28° 36‘ Virgo ☍ ♆ at 28° 36‘ Pisces | 8:19 pm eastern
  • ☽ V/C | 8:19 pm - 11:08 pm eastern
  • ♃ ☌ β™… at 21° 49‘ Taurus | 10:26 pm eastern
  • ☽ β–» Libra | 11:08 pm eastern

Saturday one of the big events of the month occurs - Jupiter and Uranus finally meet up. BUT this energy is building all week.

The conjunction is all about big changes and surprising twists. It’s a nudge to shake off the dust in areas of your life where you’ve been stuck in a rut. 

With Jupiter's push for growth and Uranus's flair for the unexpected, it’s time to break old patterns and jump into new opportunities. Sure, it's a bit of a jolt, but it's also a chance for quantum leaps forward. 

Sunday 04/21

  • ☽ at 02° 04‘ Libra β–³ ♇ at 02° 04‘ Aquarius | 3:20 am eastern
  • β˜‰ at 02° 04‘ Taurus β–‘ ♇ at 02° 04‘ Aquarius  | 1:01 pm eastern

Sunday is more emotionally intense than the rest of the week. 

You probably know you need to make some significant changes in your life, and you might find yourself at a crossroads, torn between sticking to the tried and true or venturing into new territory. 

There is a need for resilience and a willingness to confront what lies beneath the surface, as the rewards include deeper self-awareness and empowerment.

It's a perfect day for decisive action and confronting tough choices head-on to pave the way for meaningful progress.

Until next time, my wish for you is the courage to build the life you want - not the one you’ve been told you should settle for. -RobinπŸ’‹

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