Complete Digital Astrology Calendar

Do you want to know when the Moon is Void, the phases of the Moon, and when the Moon moves into a new sign?


Planetary Ingresses, Lunar Aspects, & Planetary Aspects?

This is the digital astrology calendar for you.

All of 2020 for $47.94

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Operations Director, Living Earth Systems

Not gonna lie – I didn’t really think this calendar was gonna be a game changer when I decided to try it out but BOY was I wrong. I have a few astrology apps on my phone already so it didnt seem like it would be providing anything different.

Having the Wicked Veracity calendar side by side with my work and life Google calendar has made it so much easier to plan in alignment with the cosmic curriculum so that I’m not working against myself. When a coworker asks ‘when are you available for a meeting?’ I see the astrology right in front of me so that I can find the perfect time (and they dont even need to know that’s how I’m planning their time to meet )!

When you join the Wicked Veracity mailing list you will gain access to the full Ready to Retrograde calendar and get regular updates from a witch, writer, and wayfinder. Pretty sweet, right?

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