Wicked Veracity Podcast Shownotes | Episode 8

Time and Chance

Do you ever think about time and chance? I do. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about time because everyone needs a hobby. 

Time fascinates me on nearly every level. I love astrology - no seriously -  which is essentially the study of time on the micro and macro level with bonus points because it crosses over into the categories of chance and fate. 


Let’s start with fate. 

I believe we all have a path laid out before us and that the potential contained within a natal astrology chart is real. However, it’s just potential and it does require effort on our part to achieve the greatest expression of that potential. 

Let’s say you’re more likely to have a peak in your career at a certain point in your life. The upper level of potential can only be reached if you’ve put in the work ahead of time. If you’ve been writing a book for the past ten years in your spare time, maybe that looks like a...

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Wicked Veracity Podcast Shownotes | Episode 7

Water Into Gold

I was having a conversation with someone I like and respect recently and they said something that sent me off down a rabbit trail of thoughts around what is usually called the Golden Rule. 

What is the Golden Rule?

I feel certain I learned this in Sunday School and the version I was taught goes something along the lines of ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ but I couldn’t remember exactly so I asked the great and powerful Google for a little help.

A tiny little disclaimer that what I’m about to read to you came from Wikipedia and the history teacher in me feels I must remind you of the importance of doing primary source research and verifying everything. BUT I was already familiar with the concept in a broader historical and philosophical context and I just wanted an easy way to explain it. In all seriousness though, trust but verify ALL THE THINGS - even if they’re my things.

Ok, moving on.

From Wikipedia:


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Wicked Veracity Podcast Shownotes | Episode 6

Touch Your Dreams

I have good news and I have great news. Are you ready? I believe it is absolutely possible to achieve anything you really want and I know how to help you do it - you break down the steps you need to accomplish and then add them to your calendar. Yes, that really is the secret to the universe.  

It sounds simple right? Identify the dream you want to reach out and grab, break it down into bite-size little pieces, and then poof you’re on the New York Time’s Best Seller List, getting married, losing the weight, graduating from law school, dropping a habit, or getting along with your father.  

Of course, that means you have to want it bad enough to follow through and do the research, make the plan, follow the schedule, and be willing to revise and retry as often as necessary to make it happen. 

The thing is, while it sounds great in theory - brains are funny things.

I’ve worked with a LOT of people who have told me they...

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Wicked Veracity Podcast Shownotes | Episode 5

Chase the Wind

I remember being a little girl and wanting to be able to fly.  

With a name like Robin, it’s not really all that surprising. Right?

Well, I wasn’t just any little girl. I was a little girl who went to church with her grandmother every single Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday night, and all the other times during the week the doors were open. 

Most people are a little shocked to find out I was raised Southern Baptist and turned into a witch who also thinks the Abrahamic traditions are beautiful, but here we are.

One of the cool things about Christianity is that it’s filled with magic and as a child, I was far too “me” to realize the adults around me didn’t take it all literally. 

In Matthew 17:20 Jesus said, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

And I was all...

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Wicked Veracity Podcast Shownotes | Episode 4

Listen All Over Again

I had a question come in after last week’s episode, Sounds Like a Whisper, asking how to go about hearing the whisper. I thought this was such a great question, not only because she wanted to know how to start paying more attention to what was going on in her own mind but also because it made me really think about how to explain it without resorting to - just listen.

As I mentioned previously, music makes me see things and gives me inspiration. But sometimes a thought makes me hear music that I then have to go hunt down because I can’t quite place it. That’s what happened this time. It’s from one of my favorite artists but it’s not a song I have on any playlist so I had to resort to searching for some really obscure lyrics until I finally found it. 

The artist is blues musician and five-time Grammy Award winner, Keb’ Mo’, and the song is God Trying to Get Your Attention

Now, for any of you that know me,...

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Wicked Veracity Podcast Show Notes | Episode 3

Sounds Like a Whisper

One of the things you will quickly learn about me is that I love music. All types of music. I hear songs in my head randomly and start singing whilst going about my day like I’m the star of a Disney movie or broadway musical. Not because I’m talented or anyone wants to hear me but because my internal world has a soundtrack and sometimes it needs to be shared with anyone who happens to be within listening range.

Why in the world am I telling you this? Well, there’s the main reason which I’ll get to momentarily and then there’s the bonus reason which I’ll give you now. Music is a powerful way to tap into your emotions and gain clarity not only on what you’re feeling but also what you’re thinking about. When a song grabs you by the throat and won’t let go, there’s a reason. Something in it is speaking to you and some part of you desperately wants to be heard. Listen to the song and then take time to...

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Wicked Veracity Podcast Show Notes | Episode 2

 What is Veracity?

According to the dictionary, it is: 

  1. Devotion to the truth
  2. The quality of being true, honest, or accurate

I the truth.

I love it whether I'm subjectively 'right' or 'wrong'.

I LOVE it when someone is able to make me see something in a completely different way that fundamentally changes what I know to be true into something bigger, stranger, or wilder than I ever imagined. 

I love people who speak their truth regardless of whether or not it’s aligned with my own, with the caveat that they’ve really given their truth the consideration and thought required to actively choose it as their truth instead of accepting it on default.

I always want to get to the truest place in my relationship with myself and with others. And that can make me a little intense.

In the same way that a cat 5 hurricane can bring a little rain.

This devotion to the truth, veracity, is what lights me on fire and makes me want to get out of bed in the morning.


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Wicked Veracity Podcast Show Notes | Episode 1

What does it mean to be wicked?

The dictionary has a lot to say about the definition.

  1. Going beyond reasonable or predictable limits: 
  2. of exceptional quality or degree
  3. Disposed to or marked by mischief
  4. Morally very bad

To me, it's a mixture of the first three, but there are people who would be all in for placing me in the last category 

The thing is, bad and good are subjective. Morality is subjective. They're all just thoughts roaming freely in the vast wilderness that is the mind. My mind, your mind, the minds of the people you like and those you think would be better off anywhere but near you. 

Think of a rampaging rhino - then you have an idea of what an unmanaged mind with all of its theories on good and bad looks like. A managed mind is much more civilized, it’s more like a herd of cows being moved just below the threshold of a stampede by a skilled and exhausted cowboy. You’re the cowboy, and it’s up to you to drive those bovine thoughts in...

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The Best Astrology Calendars for 2021

I think it's been pretty well established that I love astrology. It should come as no surprise that I've tried pretty much all of the astrology calendars available on the market and while the mass produced options from big names like Llewellyn were a great starting point, they ultimately didn't offer what I was looking for.

What I truly love are those calendars that are created by asto-geeks like me who *really* love astrology because you can tell they get it when you interact with their creations. 

Most Used (by me)

  • Honeycomb Collective - For reals I use this daily. Every. Single. Day. I've bought the digital pdf and then had to have the spiral bound with all of the extra note taking pages. I love it so much and hope they never ever ever ever stop making them. I'm buying a wall calendar next because I neeeeeeed it (probably as soon as I finish this post tbh). They are customized to your chart and have so many nerd options (I get all the options). I really can't...
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The Best Astrology Apps for 2021

One of my favorite things about my phone is the easy access I have to incredibly powerful astrological software via the astrology apps that are now available. 

The best astrology apps are those that you want to go back to day after day.

Most Used (by me)

  • Hours - Calculates planetary hours according to traditional astrological rules based on your geographical location. I LOVE this app. I use it anytime I need to do something magical and when I'm planning when to send emails, schedule important meetings, and sometimes just because. 
  • Ingresses - Tells you when a planet will enter a new sign, hit a custom degree, or change direction. You wouldn't think something like that would be so useful but it IS.
    • Apple - $2.99
    • Android - Unavailable
  • Digital Astrology Calendar - To be fair, this is my creation and it's technically a calendar but everyone calls it an app. It's crazy useful and works on any digital calendar and shows you the...
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