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Ready to Retrograde?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes life just seems to slow down… whether you’re ready for it to or not?

That’s probably a retrograde period hitting you unexpectedly.

Wicked Veracity offers all subscribers a FREE retrograde calendar to ensure you are ready to retrograde.

Free calendar

What does it mean when a planet is retrograde?


Scientifically, it means that the apparent motion of a planet has changed.

You see, from our vantage point on Earth, planets usually appear to move west to east across the sky. 

From a higher view point, however, we’d see all the planets are moving along a cosmic racetrack.

Every so often, Earth will catch up to another planet and pass it – this is what causes the illusion of the  retrograde motion.

When the planets are ‘side by side’ the other planet appears to stop (station) before going backwards (retrograde).

But what does it mean in astrology when a planet is going retrograde?

That depends on the planet…




Retrograde: About 3 weeks 3-4 times per year.

Known for: Communication snafus and electronical mayhem.

Best for: Reaching out to old friends, reviewing plans, editing & revising.


Retrograde: About 4-6 weeks every 18 months.

Known for: Relationship issues and past flames showing up.

Best for: Closure in relationships, reviewing old relationship patterns, healing wounds involving relationships.


Retrograde: About 2 months every 2 years.

Known for: Encouraging short tempers, conflict, general angst.

Best for: Review past commitments to physical activities (sports? Dance? yoga?), practicing patience, slowing down.


Retrograde: Every year for a few months.

Known for: Letting you know where you need to learn a little more.

Best for: Diving into a research project or academic interest, traveling to familiar places.


Retrograde: Every year for a few months.

Known For: Letting you know where you could use a little more discipline.

Best For: Rethinking and revising goals, delaying instant gratification, charity work.


Retrograde: Every year for several months.

Known for: Encouraging rebels without a cause, general chaos.

Best for: Prioritizing meditation so you aren’t the one causing chaos, reviewing your political ideology, reconnecting with your humanitarian interests.


Retrograde: Every year for several months.

Known for: Dissipating boundaries, sacrificing, over indulging.

Best for: Pursuing creative interests, therapy, journaling.


Retrograde: Every year for several months.

Known for: Transformation, destroying illusions.

Best for: Exploring your shadow, mystical exploration, energetic cleansing.

Ready to Retrograde Calendar

Know at a glance what retrogrades are coming up and what degrees they will cover so you can plan to work with the energy instead of being surprised by it.